Manuscript Assessment & Editing

Writing a book can be a really rewarding, but also a challenging process. It can be difficult to have a clear idea of what you’re writing – especially in terms of what work the manuscript requires, the stage it is at, and the direction it is going in!

I am an experienced and friendly editor, and will do my best to help your writing achieve its full potential! Here is some feedback from a recent client:

‘I am so grateful and moved by the depth of your insight – it is beyond what I was expecting.  Thank you so much for giving this level of thought and consideration.  The time you have taken with it really shows […] I find it so interesting and incredibly useful.’ – Eimear Bush

If you have a manuscript which you’d like help with, from editing to clarifying advice, then a manuscript assessment might be just what you need to advance to the next stage on your writing journey.

It can be helpful to send the beginning of a new project for a manuscript assessment, to have an objective discussion about the direction it is going in.

A manuscript assessment comprises:

A 2000 word report and a light edit which reinforces aspects of the report.

You can choose to send the first three chapters of a project, or the entire manuscript, both with an accompanying synopsis and a cover letter raising any areas you’d particularly like feedback on.

Prose Rates:

First Three Chapters Report: £200

Complete Draft Report (under 50,000 words): £350

Complete Draft Report (up to 100,000 words): £450

Poetry Rates:

Up to Fifteen poems: £175

Up to Thirty Poems: £300

More than thirty poems by arrangement.

The above rates are based on the time it takes to read and assess your work. The reports have a 14 day turnaround time, and if you require something quicker we can talk!